Helpful Tips For Good Home Spring Cleaning

Whether you’re watching Rachael Ray’s 30-Minute Meals or working out to Denise Austin’s 30-Minute Fat Burning Workout, one thing is certain : nowadays, everyone is searching for a faster and easier way to do everything.

And house cleaning no exception. If you find yourself up to your eyeballs in housework and pressed for time, you’re not on your own. House cleaning jobs aren’t necessarily fun, and that’s why a lot of people choose to opt for a professional house cleaning service such as AZCommercialCleaning.

AZCommercialCleaning offers you the following tips for keeping your home neat and tidy:

look online for videos that show some recommendations on how to clean parts of your house in just 30 mins or less. Remember that these fast fixes should be implemented on a constant basis, so you don’t have to carry out cleaning on a large scale that often.

Do the dishes right after a meal – you most likely remember your mom scolding you through your youth to “do the dishes!”, right? These days in the era of open floor plans, where your kitchen is part of your living room, it’s important to keep your kitchen tidy at all times. So make sure you keep your sink free from dirty dishes and pots and pans. If you can’t do them straight away hide them in the dishwasher so they are out of sight. Always keep your countertops clear and free from mess.

Clear the floors – Nothing screams “dirty house” more than littered floors. Clearing the floors should only take a couple of minutes. House cleaning should definitely include clearing the floors, and when you have a little additional time to spare, sweep/mop or vacuum them.

OK, perhaps that is pushing it a bit, but maintaining an orderly home is vital for more comfortable living. There are plenty of stores that sell organization-type products i.e. Containers of various sizes, shelves, drawers, and so on.

just ensure that there’s a ‘place for everything, and everything in its place.’ The same idea rings true for cleaning products – keep them all somewhere within easy reach. There is no sense in running from one section of the house to the other looking for a mop, brush, toilet brush and other items you may need when spring cleaning.

Wipe all surfaces – when you are house cleaning, wipe off all countertops and furniture so they’re freed from dust and spiderwebs. No guest needs to see a dusty, dirty home. Give your house the shine it merits by cleaning the surfaces.

Make the bed – If your sheets are messy from the night before, it’s going to reflect the cleanliness of your house. This is a straightforward chore, yet it makes a huge difference, and there’s nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed, with straightened sheets, each night!

Follow this advice and in just 30 mins or less, your house will look much more orderly than previously.

House cleaning shouldn’t be too agonizing – follow these a few of these straightforward steps daily and voila….your house will be a place where you’d happily welcome sudden guests!

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