Green Cleaning is Becoming More Popular

An article out of Indiana reports on the rise of Green Cleaning Products in the marketplace.

“More and more consumers, and house-cleaners, are going towards green cleaning,” says Angie Hicks, consumer expert and namesake of the consumer website ‘Angie’s List’. “And it doesn’t have to cost more. A lot of house cleaners on Angie’s list are incorporating green products at the request of customers.”

Audrey says going green is cheaper than you think.

“Making products yourself really cuts down on the costs because it’s basically just a few simple ingredients that are very cheap and you don’t have to continually buy new products for every different kind of cleaning that you are doing,” Audrey says. “Really I use just one or two simple solutions to clean almost everything in my house and we spend a lot less money on our cleaning products that way.”

And if you want someone else to do the work, but insist on a “green cleaning service”, ask a lot of questions.

“When you’re looking at someone who can provide “green” cleaning, don’t take it for face value,” advises Angie. “Actually do your research, talk to the company, ask about what products they are using, and ask what the products are made of. If you can’t pronounce the words they are probably not green products. So don’t skimp out on your research to make sure you do get what you are paying for.”

The initial cleaning visit for a “green cleaning service” will typically cost more because it will take the crew longer on the first visit to restore a level of cleanliness than it will to maintain that level with a regular cleaning schedule.

If you want to make your own cleaning products, it’s fairly simple in most cases. You basically want to avoid any petroleum-based products.

I personally recommend making your own house cleaning agents, as it reduces the unnecessary packaging from the equation along with the costs of shipping these products around the country.

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